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File Description
ApiaryRegistrationForm.pdf Washington State Department of Agriculture registration form.  Every year state laws requires you to register your hives before April 1.  It costs only $5 and you get a cool certificate!
EJBEES bylaws.pdf Every club has bylaws,  So do we!
Biology of wintering.pdf Should you insulate your hives? Should you have an upper opening during winter? What's going on in there anyway?
Hive-Inspection-Sheet.pdf Handy checklist for recording what you see when you open up the hive. 
Another-hive-insp-Sheet.pdf Another inspection checklist that you may prefer.
Journeyman Section 1.pdf Journeyman class notes.  Beginners can use this info as well.
Journeyman Section 2.pdf Journeyman class notes continued. 
Journeyman Section 3.pdf Journeyman class notes continued. 
TaskProgression.pdf A chart showing what the worker bees are doing and when.