2020 Beginning Beekeeping Classes

The East Jefferson Beekeepers Association (EJBees), in conjunction with the Washington State Master Beekeepers is again sponsoring a Beginning Beekeeping course starting February 22, 2020.

The classes and field days are timed to arm you with the knowledge and skills to begin raising your own bee colonies during 2020.

Yes, you can be trained and ready to order and install your first colonies of bees this spring!

Because EJBees cannot hold in-person meetings during the Covid-19 shutdown, we are offering an online beginning beekeeping class this year, taught by experienced beekeepers from our club. The course includes 10 narrated modules presented during 5 weeks, starting March 13, 2021.

Description: Two class modules will be posted on the ejbees.com blog site at the start of each week, March 13 – April 11, and remain available for you to study at your own pace, with a Q&A area provided. An optional hands-on apiary visit will be available in April.

Topics include practical information and beekeeping techniques, as well as aspects of bee biology and behavior. After this course, you will be ready to establish your own honey bee hives this coming Spring, with mentoring available to help get you started.

Cost: The classes are free of charge for EJBees members, and you must be a member to participate. Sign up to receive your password for access to the course videos. You can also download the free beginning beekeepers’ textbook for the class at ejbees.com/freebook/. Take a look!

Option: If you would like to receive a certificate from Washington State Beekeepers Association documenting your successful completion of the course and your official designation as Apprentice Beekeeper, there is a fee of $10 to WSDA. This is not required, simply an option.

Join EJBees: Individual membership is $24/year; family membership is $36. You can join the club by mailing your check made out to “EJBees,” along with your contact information (name, phone, email, street address) to the secretary, Susi Thomas, at the address below. To register for the class at the same time, simply add a word or two to indicate your interest: EJBA, PO Box 1984, Port Townsend, WA 98368-8011.

Contact: For more information, contact Rich or Susi Thomas – richandsusi@ejbees.com.